Happy New Year

It’s a new year, and over three years since I started this website. I just learned that I posted my last “post” on a comment, so I guess this will be my first official post.

During this time I have completed my second book, HIS STORY. It tells the entire Old Testament as a chronological story. As a child I learned a lot of Bible stories, but didn’t know how they related to each other. I learned a lot through the many years it took me to write HIS STORY and hope it will ignite a desire to know the Old Testament in those who read it.

My life is never calm. My husband and I live with our daughter and her family and there’s always “something” to do. We are also active in our church.

When I finished writing HIS STORY I was burned out with writing. I am giving myself six months to see if God gives me the deep desire to write again. Meanwhile I have a lot of selling/marketing to do. Want to help by passing the word that HIS STORY can be purchased through PayPal via this website? I’d appreciate it. May God bless you, and please write a comment. It would be encouraging to hear from someone who is actually reading this.

P.S. Weekly I add an excerpt from HIS STORY on the page of this website entitled GOD IS.

March, 2013: My “weekly” has fallen through the busy hole. Sorry. I’ll get back to work.


About Lorena Keck

I'm a retired lady who keeps busy with loving and caring for our immediate family and our church family. I love to visit with friends, and to write. I have two POD books published. I have two daughters and eight grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. My husband of fifty years and I live with our youngest daughter and her husband, a fourteen year old grandson, Andres, and a sixteen month old baby Kymee. Lots of excitement! My first love is Jesus Christ and the Bible. If my life is to count for anything, it is Christ.
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