Here’s what I have in mind to do. I’ve written a little summary of some Bible verses on faith. What does it mean in today’s life style to “live by faith”? I want to take each verse and try to understand how I can live by it. Any ideas? How do you live by faith? STAY TUNED!

I’m sill plodding along on this blogging. Too many excuses. I’ll try to be more consistent. I’d like to add up-to-date examples of God’s attributes as I blog. I’ve been studying how to blog, and now I need to put all that knowledge to practice.

This is October, 2011, and I have just had two great grand babies born, and am expecting another one next month. It’s exciting and I am blessed. I’m more use to Texas now that we’ve lived here five years. I still miss the Northwest, but know this is where God wants to use me at this time in my life.

I have once again committed myself to teaching fourth graders at our church. What a God-given privilege and responsibility. I trust they will learn and will see Christ in my life.

Until next time, Lorena


FAITH: James chapter 2 tells me that when I do something without faith, my doing is dead. Is it my attitude what makes it “of faith”? If I grudgingly visit my neighbor who is in the hospital is my doing “dead”?

When I visit her, she doesn’t know I didn’t want to spend my time with her, but I do encourage her, and she thinks I’m a pretty nice lady. But in God’s eyes, is my good deed meaningless? Lord, may my attitude glorify you.

FAITH – January 7, 2012

James 2:17. If I say I have faith and don’t do, my faith is dead.

I go to church. I say a friendly “hi, how are you” to my neighbor if they happen to be outside when I am. I don’t beat my grandkids. I know Tim lost his job and his family doesn’t have enough food, but I’m short of money and really don’t have time to help them. I know I should go to Mrs. Smith’s funeral, her daughter is my friend, but I hate funerals and I need to go shopping. AM I LIVING BY FAITH? James 4:17 reminds me that it’s a sin if I know to do something right and don’t do it.

What do you think?

Jan 18, 2012

Faith is knowing, without seeing. (Hebrews 11:1)

My friend is without a job. He is pursuing jobs in his field of experience and is also pursuing opening a business. He wants to follow God’s leading. Both options honor God. He prays for God’s wisdom in making a decision. If he worries, stews and loses sleep over his decision, does he have faith? How can he not worry when he needs to feed his family?

March 2013

How can I do everything by faith? Romans 14:23 says that what does not come from faith is sin. How do I clean the kitchen, fix dinner, mow the yard by faith? Is this back to the idea of attitude? If I am complaining, or angry when I work, it is not by faith. All I do should be in thankfulness and trust, knowing that God has given me this opportunity at this time. Trusting the Lord equals faith. Agree?


About Lorena Keck

I'm a retired lady who keeps busy with loving and caring for our immediate family and our church family. I love to visit with friends, and to write. I have two POD books published. I have two daughters and eight grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. My husband of fifty years and I live with our youngest daughter and her husband, a fourteen year old grandson, Andres, and a sixteen month old baby Kymee. Lots of excitement! My first love is Jesus Christ and the Bible. If my life is to count for anything, it is Christ.
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